Number Fun

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There are 66 books in the Protestant Bible. The Old Testament has 39. The New Testament has 27. Here’s an easy way to remember it: The Trinity is a foundational concept of God presented in the Bible. So God is 3. Ok take 3.  Multiply it by 3.  You get 9. Multiply that by 3. You get 27.  See the point?  3  9   27 Or think of it as a power series:
  • 3 to the first power is 3
  • 3 to the second power is 9
  • 3 to the third power is 27
Sorry but 66 isn’t in the series. The Book of Isaiah has 66 chapters. The last 27 are focused on prophecies about Christ and His Kingdom. This division mirrors the division of the Bible. Have some other interesting numerical relationships or ways of remembering Bible numbers? Please share them in the comments.

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