Called to Be Raised

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One of the non negotiable parts of the great news Jesus offered the world is that everyone who trusts in God through Him will be given a new body, raised, or resurrected when he returns to rule humanity.

That’s the topic Paul has us think about this next section of 1 Thessalonians chapter 4. So far in chapter 4 we’ve seen that God told us it is His will that that His children stand out from their culture. They aren’t to stand out in dress or other outward ways of their own invention, nor just for the purpose of being different. But as they honor God’s design for marriage, sexual behavior, love for one another, and the manner of their daily lives, they will naturally stand out.

In this lesson we’ll see that when we grasp one of the big things He has planned for us when He returns we will also stand out in the way we think about death. The reason? We are called to be raised to unending contentment and fulfillment.

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