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SCOTUS is out of it’s Depth on the Marriage Issue

The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of The United States) has no legal basis to define marriage in any way other than to let people do as they please. If people want polygamy, homosexuality, bestiality, if they want to marry their cars, on what basis can SCOTUS stop them? It is this issue that may demonstrate the unraveling and predict the collapse of the United States of America.

Multiculturalism Changes A Children’s Dictionary

I came across this article in The Telegraph that is now old news, but relevant to observers of the slow, relentless shift being pushed by in western culture by it’s “educated” elite through the educational system. Oxford University Press...


God insisted the ancient Jews had to resist the cultures of the nations around them. Today Christians, especially those in Western cultures have to resist the whole world in the face of constant bombardment and harassment of those who deny God.