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Rest Or Suffer

We’re going to examine a warning in Scripture Most of us don’t like to be admonished, however there are two good reasons for considering this particular warning. First, writers of Scripture including Moses, David, Paul and the unknown...

What is Hidden Manna?

What is Hidden Manna?

Remember the 1981 movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”? The story was fiction but the existence of that box called The Ark is not. Around 3500 years ago God is said to have prescribed its design to Moses....

Salty Christians Taste Good

No, we don’t endorse cannibalism.When Jesus said God’s people are the salt of the earth He revealed an essential element in His method for drawing people to Himself. Unfortunately His words have often been obscured by poor Bible study technique and misguided church programs.

What’s a Church?

A highly structured world-wide organization led by an authoritarian hierarchy of leaders? An amorphous gathering of anyone who claims to follow Christ? Something in between?

Which Book Are You In?

If you’re confident you’ll be able to face whatever happens in the after-life, your evaluation by God may have a shocking twist when He opens His books.

What Work Will God Finish? You’ll be Surprised.

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus” is a familiar verse for many Christians. Unless we see who “you” was, we miss the powerful message God intended to convey.

Blood Covenant

Hebrews 13:20 mentions the “blood of an eternal covenant” which Christians readily connect with The Cross, but is there a deeper significance to this?

When Light Defeated Darkness

Judas’ betrayal of Jesus set in motion a unique series of events unlike any other the universe has or will ever experience. Yet they were kicked off in the early hours of the night. Why would such significant events of history be kicked off in the deep darkness of night?