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How to End your Day

Have trouble winding down? Do the day’s problems keep you awake? While Christopher Ash writes an article aimed at pastors and Christian workers who struggle to juggle their sleep and all the issues brought to them by people they so passionately care about during the day, his advice sounds good for all of us.

Four Ways to End a Day

  1. Give yourself a few quiet minutes to look back on the day and pray for those whose burdens you share, either on your own or with your spouse. Do this before getting ready for bed.
  2. Then do something that’ll help you wind down. Perhaps an episode of a not-too-emotionally demanding TV series, or a chapter of a book unrelated to your work or Christian service. Something that will slow your body and mind toward sleep.
  3. Keep a pad of paper beside your bed, so when urgent or important things pop into your head, you can make a note to deal with them the next day—and then forget about them for the night.
  4. End the day by looking back at a Bible verse you began the day with, as a reminder of a truth about God.

The God who watches over his people “will not slumber . . . he will neither slumber nor sleep” (Ps. 121:3–4). He’s ever watchful, ever wakeful; he never needs to doze off and never loses his watchfulness for a second.

This is a wonderful assurance.

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