God builds faith in the gymnasium of life

God’s Gymnasium of Spiritual Endurance

Are you ready for more stress?

It’s been 40 centuries since God spoke to Abraham. There have always been significant changes in the world but none as pervasive or rapid as have happened in the last 100 years.

We are more crowded. The population of the Earth mushroomed from 1.5 to 7 billion.

Political changes that used to take centuries are happening in decades. World-wide empires dissolved this last century. The superpowers that replaced them have already waned. Vast migrations of people groups have taken place.Now large international unions are forming that promise to contain most of the planet’s nations in the coming decades.

But no change in the last 100 years has been as significant as the demonic uprising within Great Britain and the United States.

Centuries in the making, its visible outbreak between the mid ’50s to mid ’70s has left the once strong influence of Christianity on western civilization now breathing its last gasp 5 decades later.

Five generations of Americans have been indoctrinated by a school system that has steadily grown determined to exterminate the Judeo-Christian world view.

It is now uncontrollable. Persecution of Christians is at an all time high world-wide. There is no reason to believe the global hostility toward God’s word and His people will diminish.

In light of all this it’s natural to ask what God wants His people to do to prepare themselves.

The answer is to continue the same things He has told us to focus on all along. Biblical authors all held that correct teaching is crucial to the people of God. God’s word stands on its truth.

But that’s not all we need. God’s plan for His children has always been more than teaching information. He wants to train His children to endure any challenge they face whether it be persecution, disease, deformity, loss, addiction, family conflict or any anything else without defeat not only for their own benefit but also to show through them that He is worth trusting.

If you want to find out how God wants to train you, read this article by Jim McDaniel. It pulls lessons from Hebrews 12 that show us how God uses life’s experiences to teach us to endure every hardship with trust, grace and righteous responses even to ugly situations.

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