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AI Will Run Afoul of Human Nature, Not Human Intelligence

In We don’t understand AI because we don’t understand intelligenceJessica Conditt  at Engadget wrestles with crystal-ballers who think they know where Artificial Intelligence is taking the human race.

Artificial intelligence prophets including Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Raymond Kurzweil predict that by the year 2030 machines will develop consciousness through the application of human intelligence. This will lead to a variety of benign, neutral and terrifying outcomes. For example, Musk, Hawking and dozens of other researchers signed a petition in January 2015 that claimed AI-driven machines could lead to “the eradication of disease and poverty” in the near future. This is, clearly, a benign outcome.

And then there’s the neutral result: Kurzweil, who first posited the idea of the technological singularity, believes that by the 2030s people will be able to upload their minds, melding man with machine. …

Musk, Kurzweil and other proponents of the technological singularity suggest over and over again that ever-increasing computational power will automatically lead to human intelligence and machine consciousness. They imply that the more rapidly technology advances, the more rapidly other scientific fields will also advance. …

These two terms, “brain” and “mind,” are not interchangeable. It’s feasible that we can re-create the brain; it’s an infinitely complex structure, but it’s still a physical thing that can, eventually, be fully mapped, dissected and re-formed. Just this month, IBM announced it had created a working, artificial neuron capable of reliably recognizing patterns in a noisy data landscape while behaving unpredictably — specifically what a natural neuron should do. Creating a neuron is light-years away from rebuilding an entire human brain, but it’s a piece of the puzzle.

However, it’s still not a mind. Even if scientists develop the technology to create an artificial brain, there is no evidence that this process will automatically generate a mind. …

Before we can even think of re-creating the human brain, we need to unlock the secrets of the human mind.

She’s on the right track, however the problem isn’t just understanding the human mind, it’s understanding human nature.

The human mind is not just a bioelectric computing mechanism. It is an interface between the realm of this physical universe and other dimensions. The Bible teaches that humans have a spirit that makes us unique beings in the cosmos. It at least partially exists outside the realm of the mechanistic world of cause and effect that approved science limits itself to. This spirit is a real thing, though not physical. It is not a ghost, nor is it some nondescript characteristic of human behavior bandied about by most people (she has a sweet spirit, or he has a courageous spirit). If, as Jeremy Howard predicts, the power of  artificial intelligence to solve problems is on the cusp of  explosive exponential increase, AI may mimic a lot of human behavior – especially since it will be directed by humans to do so and the uneducated may indeed fall for the illusion of it being really human.

If you know something of your Bible, you may quickly say Amen and dismiss what these AI “prophets” predict. However there is another aspect to consider. The people who control and steer society firmly believe as fact that a human is no more than an animal with a superior bio-electric neural net in their skulls that gives them self-awareness and totally vanishes when the organism, the body, dies (a view that has been avidly promoted by neurologists for several decades now). So what kind of world will their AI-run world be? They seem to think that if they program AI computers, then they will entrust themselves to those computers. So if they program AI to diagnose and recommend treatment for human abnormalities, including psychological ones, what will they do about the Christian? What is the elite of our society already saying about Christianity? Do you see a problem? The Bible teaches us that since humans have rejected God, unless they humbly seek His forgiveness through Jesus Christ they will lie, murder and destroy one another.

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